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Webcomic:  Pepper & Carrot

Creator:   David Revoy

Format:   Color, painted, multimedia

Updates:  About an issue per month

Genre:  Comedy, cuteness, fantasy

Themes:  Cats, witches, growing up

Characters:  Peter, Carrot, Miss Saffron

Archive:  Begins May 2014

An ambitious website and webcomic, Pepper & Carrot are about a cute, little girl witch and her companion cat, Carrot.  The panels appear to be full painted and each installment is a full story.  Revoy also is pushing the concept of direct support from fans via his site, along with the concept of making Pepper & Carrot and open source project.  You can read about his concept here.  I hope it works for him, the artwork is pretty sweet.

This is definitely something you could show to little kids and adults can read it without insulting their intelligence.  Pepper is a country witch who is poor, she’s also struggling with school and being popular.  The eighth installment was particularly good, I felt.  There’s also a bonus webcomic which was posted on Reddit recently, which is how I found out about it.  So check out Pepper & Carrot and perhaps donate or participate or just read it.  It’s translated into every language, which isn’t a bad idea either.  I’d hire this guy to design my website in a second.  It’s pretty slick.

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