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Webcomic:  Disco Slick

Creator:   Dick Smiverson

Format:   Three panels to eightish panels.

Updates:  Every Saturday

Genre:  Comedy, gag-a-week

Themes:  Bars, friends, girlfriends, racism, the Internet, politics, etc.

Characters:  Ben, Remy, Simon and a few others

Archive:  Begins October 11, 2014

Disco Slick is a relatively new webcomic about a group of characters at a bar.  The perspective doesn’t change and the characters are always customers at the bar at the same angle.  I think the bar is called McFeely’s or that’s merely a neon beer sign in the background, it’s hard to tell.

Smiverson’s jokes are hit or miss and he bats about 40% with me.  It’s tough when the visual gags are few and far between, however since the artwork is kept pretty basic, the potential for more output is high.  I think what would help this webcomic would be a cast list and  a more detailed history about the cast and the bar in which they hang.  With only random jokes and few visuals to pull from, it has to be all dialogue driven.  (As a writer, believe me, I know this hurdle!)  More details means more possibilities.  Smiverson should push himself into writing more and expanding the world of Disco Slick.  I think it could be good.  The world is still forming, so I’ll have to check back in.  But if you’re like me and like to get on the ground floor of a new comic, check it out.

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