Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Russell Peters.  He’s funny on stage, let’s see what he’s tweeting.


May 12th:  “Thank u Montreal for another great audience last night at The Bell Centre!!!

Wow, huge crowd dude.

May 16th:  “If ur short on dough for a BJ, then this is for u!

You can get some great deals in Canada.

May 17th:  “Who’s next?! Few things… First, the fight was great! Second, my seats were awesome!!! (Thank u…

It’s good to be famous.

May 18th:  “Thank u for coming thru and blessing the mic in Hermosa Beach tonight… Thanks…

Arsenio is a comedian priest now?  Makes sense.  He has much to atone for.

May 19th:  “I think it’s a sign!!

Handmade, made in a America—  What more could you ask?

May 19th:  “What’s a guy gotta do to get famous these days?

Oh, right.  I’m sure the guy that wrote that article.  He’d know.  You know, A.C. is not really promoting its talent to insert “Who he is” in the article.

May 21st:  “”Kangol Mr Sophisticated, far as I know ain’t nobody greater…” Met Kangol Kid from UTFO last…

Old school rap.

May 21st:  back in 2007 when I went on a USO tour for the troops!

They give you a certificate?  I guess that’s kind of like pay.

May 22nd:  “ because she’s always so good to me and she’s hilarious!!”

And easy on the eyes.

May 22nd:  “If u like KitKat then you’ll love “Take-it”

But what if I’m too lazy to steal my candy?

May 22nd:  “Oh u know… Just rollerskating in Philadelphia while DJ’s…. On my way to Atlantic…

You should do your stand up on the roller skates.  That would be a first.

May 23rd:  “Tonight & 2morrow May 31 July 24 Aug 7 Aug 8

Nice.  Guess you can’t do rollerskating in the casino.  Stupid carpeting.

May 25th:  “If it’s gotten to the point where they not only had to ask people to stop putting their penis into…

It’s a casino.  They need those stickers.

May 30th:  “Ha!!!

They also make bagpipes.

June 1st:  “This is me ALL DAY!!!

Yeah, I could see that.

6 hours ago:  “Never Forget!!

The pancake lady is my hero!

Okay, let’s rate Russell’s tweets.  Lots of pics and behind the scenes.  Definite a fun Twitter.  I give him an 8 for Mustness a 9 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Follow Russell.  He’s hilarious.

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