Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is comedy legend, Carl Reiner.  He practically invented funny.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


May 14th:  “As of 4:59PM my book about Dick Van Dyke is exactly twelve and one third pages long.”

The old guy is still churning out the work.  Nice.

May 15th:  “Om Friday May 15 at 5:30 PM, the page count on my DVD book is 15”

DVD book?  I think he means e-book?

May 15th:  “For you good and loyal fans I am happy to report that The DVD story is now a 17 pager.”

Two pages.  Not bad.  Hey, you gotta think about these things.

May 16th:  “As of Sat May 16 my book on DVD is 18 and I/16th page long.”

Oh, Dick Van Dyke is DVD.  Duh!  I’m a dumbass.

May 16th:  “Proud to announce & thank those who’ve helped me to reach the 94,000 followers mark. As Bette Davis once said ” It ‘s very encouraging.””

That number would be way higher if people over the age of 65 knew what Twitter was.

May 17th:  “A kind gent corrected my last tweet. It was was Ruth Gordon who said “Ya don’t know how encouraging this is .Thank you Cookie Mueller,”

My all time favorite episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show is when Carl Reiner’s character is revealed to be bald.

May 17th:  “Do you care, as I do that I have at 7:36PM on Sunday May 17th completed the 20th page of The Dick Van Dyke saga?”

You’re cranking out those pages. 

20 hours ago:  “Happy to report that as of 12:51 AM, May 18th, the page count on The Dick Van Dyke Show” book is 25..”

Hey look, when you’re a writer, this is the update.

3 hours ago:  “4 U who loved my last book, my new one,” What I Forget to Remember” is even funnier & has 288 photos. I’ll sign it.

I like the cover on that.  Nice.

Okay, let’s rate Carl’s tweets.  Lots of behind-the-scenes.  Hey, I’m giving him an overall score of 9 because he’s a comedy legend and anyone his age that tweets deserves a high score.

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