Hey bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Erik Griffin, AKA: Montez from Workaholics.  He’s funny on the show, let’s see what he’s tweeting.


April 9th:  “ got that

Alice is pretty hot on that show, but kinda evil.

April 9th:  “ That bathroom is super duper quiet, like really really quiet you can HEAR EVERTHING!

Behind-the-scenes stuff.  Love it.

April 9th:  “For some reason they forgot season one, was the IT guy.

Hmm, I did not remember that.

April 9th:  “Really Human Walrus???? I HEARD THAT!!! MOTHA FUCKA!

He was in that Kevin Smith movie?  I thought it was Justin Long.

April 9th:  “

Well, if you’re gonna plug something, keep it short.

April 9th:  “And that’s how it all started, good night kids

Damn, I have to catch up on this season!

April 9th:  “You tripping if you aren’t watching

Well, it does have Larry Fishburne.

April 9th:  “Season finale

Ha!  90’s hair.

April 13th:  “I think every Indian actor in Hollywood is on or maybe I’m racist?”

Have the people at Salon not discovered the imdb?

April 13th:  “At a part will find the black women.”

Loved that dude in Unsupervised.  An incredibly underrated show that should’ve gotten more love.

April 13th:  “I’m into Lipstick feminist.”

Is that plural for feminist or just a typo?  Should it be feminists?  Or is it like elk?

April 13th:  “Hey all my Indianapolis peeps I’m coming back to : Thuds-Sun

It must be quite a switch to go from shooting a show to back on the road doing comedy.

Okay, let’s rate Erik’s tweets.  Bonus for Behind-the-scenes, although kinda plug heavy.  Still, it’s funny to read it in his voice.  I give him an 8 for Mustness, a 9 for Insanity and a 9 for Style.  That’s an overally score of 8.7, follow Montez.

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