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Today’s contestant is Lois Griffin, AKA: Alex Borstein!  She’s funny on the show and on Mad TV reruns, let’s see what she’s tweeting!


April 2nd:  “California drought solution: collect all the fucking water bottles confiscated by TSA at LAX

Gonna spend some of that Family Guy money.  Nice.

April 2nd:  “We were slaves, then wandered a desert for 40yrs eating cardboard. Happy? Not so much // “: Happy Passover Alex!””

That had to make you more thirsty. 

April 2nd:  “. fun fact: my father is in that last Swan sketch.”


April 3rd:  “Just arrived in Buenos Aires and can already tell it’s my kinda town.

Nice.  That’s where some of the artists from the Webcomic Factory come from!

April 4th:  “Went with the economy car rental here in

Well, at least they cleared the corpses out of it first.

April 6th:  “Ms. Romano

He knew how to fix her pipes!

April 6th:  “Lol “: so ””

I gotta say, that was the worst show ever.

10 hours ago:  “Watch on ‘s amazing new stand-alone app ! Start your free trial at . ”

I had no idea!  I will have to check this out.

45 minutes ago:  “Who dat?

That does kinda look like you.

Okay, let’s rate Alex’s tweets.  Some behind-the-scene stuff.  Pics from a foreign country, a plug or two.  Definitely good stuff here, plus I get the read the whole thing in Lois’ voice.  I give her a 9 for Style, a 9 for Insanity and a 9 for Mustness.  That’s an overall score of 9, you have to follow Alex.

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