Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Rich Fulcher, funny guy from The Mighty Boosh amongst other things.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


December 16th:  “Check out a little taste…

Ha!  Nice.

December 17th:  “Re-release ‘Team America’ on Christmas Day.”

America!  Fuck yeah!

December 18th:  “Hacking is the new Fucking Up Everyone’s Lives.”

It’s really going to be inconvenient when we’re all cyborgs and the hackers make us incontinent.

December 18th:  “I really regret that ‘Expendables 3’ didn’t have a Kim Jong Un death scene.”

Speaking of Team America.  Although not as funny.

January 1st:  “Happy 2015. Not many people know this but this is officially the Year of the Drunken Ghost.”

You mean this guy?

January 20th:  “Finally, a hobby pays off:

That sounds like an awesome idea that only the BBC can do.  I look forward to Binge watching it on Netflix three years from now.

January 26th:  “Happy Australia Day.”

Now everyone get drunk and punch a shark.

January 29th:  “Hey, this is happening: Burp. What? You heard me.”

Nice!  Rich will soon be everywhere.  How long before he gets his own line of Mac n’ Cheese products?

January 29th:  “Correction: One report says I teach high school students. Actually, I teach ‘high’ students.”

They are much easier to teach.

January 30th;  “For those in the UK, I host ‘The Complete History Of….Sexting, Legal Highs and Yolo’. Here’s a lil sumpin sumpin:

Dammit!  Can’t play it.  Looks good tho.


Dang, Rich.  You’re in everything.  Take a day off!

February 18th:  “I am very fond of flakes: corn, dandruff, indecisive people….”

Snow, Frosted and people that watch network TV.

February 18th:  “Beware of pirate DVDs out there. I just bought ’50 Shades of Gravy’.”

That’s so wrong.  It’s an affront to gravy!

Okay, let’s rate Rich’s tweets.  Wow, so much there.  Links, plugs, comedy—  It’s a wonder he has time to tweet.  I give Rich a 6 for Mustness, a 9 for Style and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8.  Follow Rich or just turn on the TV.  He’s bound to be on it at this rate.

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