It’s time for the Rewritten News, with your Rewritten News Anchor, Tony D!

Real: Penn State to Pay Ex-Assistants More Than $4 Million in Severance

Rewritten: College Football Still Way Too Important

Real: Kodak Given 2013 to Reorganise

Rewritten: Kodak Scrambling to Make Disposable Cameras Relevant

Real: Scientists Agree to Halt Work on Dangerous Bird Flu Strain

Rewritten: Zombie Apocalypse Delayed

Real: This “Haywire” Star can “break you in half”

Rewritten: Haywire Star: “Come at me, bro”

Real: France Threatens Early Exit from Afghanistan

Rewritten: France Considering Surrender to Taliban

Real: Antipiracy Bills Put on Hold in Congress

Rewritten: Congress Pwnd by Reddit