My personal bias is definitely going to effect this review.  First, it is a well made film and Streep is, as always, amazing to watch.  I mean, short of plastic surgery, she is Margaret Thatcher.

The movie follows her life, but not in chronological order.  It starts with her feeble and old and jumps back and forth in flashback throughout her career.  A lot of it centers around her personal life, especially the relationship she had with her husband and dealing with his death.

Part of the movie made me mad, because I’m old enough to remember Margaret Thatcher and I didn’t particularly care for her policies.  The other part made me sad because, like the husband character, I too am a goofy guy, married to an English woman (one generation removed).

That being said, there’s no denying that it’s a good movie.  I’m not sure how audiences that don’t know their recent English history will take it all in (in the US), but for one of these critically acclaimed, soon-to-be-an-Oscar-winner movies, it packs a lot of emotional punch and doesn’t feel slow at all.

I give the Iron Lady 8 out of 10 keggers, but I’m biased because I don’t like movies that make me sad and angry, so you might like it better.  Admittedly, the Missus dragged me to go see it, but I wasn’t disappointed.