Time for the news, not the way it is, but the way it should be.  Short, crisp, precise and tactless.  This is Rewritten Headlines!

Real: Boeing Wins $3.48 Billion U.S. Missile Defense Contract

Rewritten: U.S. Prepares to Bomb the Shit Out of Somebody

Real: Romney Hones Economy Pitch

Rewritten: Presidential Candidate Rehearses Lies

Real: SETI to Scour Moon for Alien Footprints

Rewritten: Science Nerds Watching Too Much of Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Real: Columbus Voyage Tied to Syphilis Spread

Rewritten: Columbus Really Fucked the Indians

Real: Verizon Ditches $2 Fee After Customer Uproar

Rewritten: Convenience Fee Not So Convenient For Verizon

Real: N. Korea Names Kim Jong Un Supreme Commander

Rewritten: World’s Most Spoiled Rich Kid Now Firmly In Charge of Nukes

Real: Kim K. gets $600K for New Year’s Eve Gig

Rewritten: Big Tits Gets Big Paycheck