I hate snow.  But, gun to my head, if I had to think of ten reasons why I liked it, here they are.

  1.  It often covers up how filthy the outside of my car is.
  2.  It’s better than acid falling from the sky.
  3.  It give me an excuse not to leave my nice warm house.
  4.  While I’m shoveling it, I’m also picking up the leaves I didn’t rake.
  5.  It encourages my dog to pee faster and get back inside.
  6.  Balling up a wad of mud and throwing it at someone isn’t considered nearly as playful.
  7.  I can see where the mailman stepped on my grass.
  8.  It justifies the purchase of my snow shovel.
  9.  It’s not lava.
  10.  Santa likes it.