Ingredients:  6 Avocados, garlic powder, white vinegar, cilantro, onion, tomato, lime, tequila, salt, one girlfriend, one bag of nachos.

Step 1:  Get into a fight with your girlfriend.

Step 2:  Drink half a bottle of tequila.

Step 3:  Start eating nachos to get something in your stomach.

Step 4:  Decide that nachos need guacamole.

Step 5:  Get out garlic powder, white vinegar, an onion, tomato and the rest of your lime and salt.

Step 6:  Dice onion and tomato.

Step 7:  Mix ingredients.

Step 8:  Realize you have no avocados.

Step 9:  Place tequila bottle in paper bag.

Step 10:  Take bus to supermarket while sipping tequila.

Step 11:  Stagger into supermarket and buy avocados.

Step 12:  Finish bottle of tequila.  Pass out waiting for bus.

Step 13:  Wake up after buses stop running.

Step 14:  Walk back to campus, realize the avocados are at bus stop.