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Restaurant:  Rats

Address:  16 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton, NJ 08619

Food:  French

Price: High

Portions:  Small and Large

Taste:  Mind Bending

Service:  Okay

Atmosphere:  Artistic

So I had a gift certificate to Steven Starr restaurants and I wanted to take my brother and his girlfriend out.  (Turns out, Steven Starr no longer owns it and we had to pay full price, but oh well.)  I had the French Onion soup and let me tell you, it was sweet and delicious.  I got a salad, which was so huge.  We also got a few free appetizers, a little bit of salmon on a cucumber and a pop over, which was like an English pop over.  Also, the bread and butter have chives in it.

The entree was kobe beef, potatoes and carrots puree.  Could’ve used more potatoes.  Dessert was carrot cake with cream cheese ice cream.  It was all pretty awesome.  My brother and his girlfriend had high end cocktails.  They seemed to enjoy them.

The restaurant’s location is everything.  It’s on the Grounds for Sculpture.  So if you haven’t seen giant works of art on landscaped fields of green, well you should.  Plus there’s tons of Pokemon Go stops as well.  If you go in the daytime in the nice weather, get a table outside.  There’s water and artwork.  I can’t think of a nice place to eat.

I would say the only down side to this trip was that our waiter were kinda off their game.  I only got one iced tea refill and it took forever to get the bill.  I mean, we were seriously waiting way too long.  Normally, they’re pretty good, so that was the only drawback.  I had been there for the brunch and it was pretty nice.  If you’re a member of the Grounds for Sculpture, you get a discount at Rats, just FYI.


I give Rats 9 out of 10 keggers, bros.