Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is the creator of the Tick, Ben Edlund!  He’s funny in the comics, let’s see what he’s tweeting!


September 28, 2106:  “HEY EVERBUDDY is true, now we have a series order :) thank u so much to everyone who watched and the talented people who worked on The Tick”

Good news!  I, for one, will watch.

October 1, 2016: “Think is best Tick I’ve ever seen :)”

That is nice.

October 23, 2016:  “Uh oh working way back into this reality via apartment infestation”

Good Lord, that will take a motel-sized, roach motel.

February 25th:  “Hello again! Sorry for silence during rise and flower of the Orange Menace, I salute all who made Twitter place for catharsis and action.”

That sounds like a Tick villain right there.  The Orange Menace.  The man who can shoot oranges out of his face.

February 25th:  “Been unable to encompass this medium of late, but I owe our ship a proper christening and want share that with fans of …”


February 25th:  “We had a wonderful read of Tick episodes today, with & in the house, thanks to all present :)”

Ooo, behind-the-scenes!

February 26th:  “Interested in soon to be shot series ? Want a direct feed to our in-house ministry of propaganda? Follow

Neat!  Spoon!

February 26th:  “For zero confusion absolutely still our Dot — was kind enough to fill in for her during our reading; thx Skyler”

Ah.  Wow, everyone’s in this one.

February 27th:  “Look at this fierce foursome, angry for excellence! :)”

That sounds like it would be the Hulk’s tagline if he owned a company.

March 1st:  “Consider backing inspired project from and you could clap hands on one of my doodled on prod draft of “Clap Your Hands””

What we need is a new Tick fan club package.  That was cool.  Still have mine somewhere.

March 7th:  “Day 2 of episode 1 shoot! Spoiler: Arthur has a local deli where relevant events transpire!”

Watch out, Arthur!  Luncheon meats!

March 7th:  “Favorite moment of set decor — Pink rabbit providing food AND menace”

For Easter Quesadillas.

March 7th:  “Happy Bday from me and all the folks on the Eastern Front”

That’s a good name.  Angry.  David’s are always angry.  Like David Banner!

March 8th:  “His creations made a formidable impression on my young mind… Add my good thoughts to add to the surplus :)”  RE: Good Vibes to Len Wein

If only he could regenerate.

Okay, let’s rate Ben’s Tweets.  Well, he has it all.  Behind-the-scenes stuff, my favorite comic, anger—  I give Ben a 7 for Mustness, a 9 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 8.6, but I’m rounding it up to 9.  Follow Ben and watch the Tick on Amazon!

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