Our pledgemaster, Indestructible Dick, may not know Math, Science, English Literature, History or any other class he’s taken, but he knows what is Fratty.  Stand fast, bros.  Your pledgemaster is about to bring down judgement upon you!

Pokemon Go:  Not So Fratty

It’s been an awesome game, but where are the updates?  These guys have really been doggin’ it.  Plus there are many players gaming the system.

Taboo:  Fratty

Pretty much anything with Tom Hardy is awesome.  The guy nails it in this new show.  Creepy shit, bros.

Valentine’s Day:  Never Fratty

What could be worse than a forced holiday where you can’t get a fucking restaurant reservation?

Onion Rye Bread:  Pretty Fratty

Where has this been?!  Delicious, bros.  Can’t make PB&J with it, but all deli meats taste better with Onion Rye.

Liberals:  Definitely Not Fratty

These guys used to be about free love, people’s rights and all that happy hippie shit.  Now they’re just so whiny.  Get back to your roots, Liberal bros.  And stop posting on Facebook like that means something.

Archer:  Still Fratty

God damn, I could watch those reruns all day.  So jam packed with references.  Every second kicks ass.

East Coast Snow:  Not Fratty

This fuckin’ weather.  Cold, hot, cold, hot, snow, rain—  Jesus, make up your God damned mind!

Schitt’s Creek:  Pretty Damn Fratty

There’s this new channel called “Pop”.  I think it’s Canadian.  Anyhow, this show includes Eugene Levy, Katherine O’Hara and Chris Eliot.  Do I need to explain why you should be watching it?  Levy’s son, Daniel, is pretty damn hilarious in it.