Name: Richard Warblerson, Dick, Brother Dick, Indestructible Dick, Pledgemaster Dick

Rank: Pledgemaster, Lambda Sigma Rho

Superpowers: Flight, Super Strength, Super Farting, Indestructibility, Heat Vision, Maintaining a Buzz

LSR’s pledgemaster has been at Ryesmore University for at least seven years and shows no sign of ever graduating.  The son of one of the most wealthy industrialists in Delaware, Dick spends most of his day drunk, having fun or both.  The heart and soul of Lambda Sigma Rho, Dick is not a thinker, but a doer.  Unfortunately, his think-free lifestyle often gets the frat into trouble.

Dick has a sturdy girlfriend named Kara, who is not ashamed to walk around the frat house naked.  Dick’s room in the frat house shares a wall with Count Steve’s and he frequently annoys the Emo with various noises.  Buzz sometimes tutors Dick, but he is frequently late to sessions and drunk.  Due to his superpowers, he must constantly drink to maintain a decent buzz.

Dick destroyed the Nazi robot that attack Collegetown, was instrumental in the frat’s war against Professor Abrams, is Keeper of the Porn and helped save MPH’s cousin and Sloppy Dave from Afghanistan.

GPA: 0.0

Major: Undecided

First Appearance: Dean Target

Dick’s Fratster Profile