What’s the blackest show on TV? It’s Luke Cage and it’s full of awesome. Netflix’s current biggest hit is just unbelievably good from beginning to end. As a fan of the original Power Man and Iron Fist, this new TV show was like manna from Heaven for this fanboy.

Combining the best of the 70’s era Luke Cage with the modern interpretation, Mike Colter stars as the framed ex-con trying to get his life together in Harlem. But on the mean streets there are gangsters, kids in crisis and folks just trying to get by. Luke isn’t your typical superhero and he isn’t an antihero. While most comic book characters ended up being defined by their powers, Luke was always defined by his character and his powers secondarily.

The twelve episodes are a slow roll out. By episode four, we get the full origin story and things really start to pick up. By the end of the first season, the stage is set with all the major characters and what’s going to happen in the second season. Even some of the villains get fleshed out beyond the 2-dimensional ones you might expect in a TV series. Marvel continues to kill it.

Much like Ant Man’s appearance in the Avengers made me go back and watch Ant Man, I’m now anxious to go back and see all the Luke Cage episodes on Jessica Jones. Binge Watch this one bros! Sweet Christmas!

I give Luke Cage 9 out of 10 keggers.