Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is webcomic creator, J Kay of Up and Out.  Funny webcomic, let’s see if the tweets match!


July 2nd:  “Bruce: I wanted to save Gotham. I failed. Alfred: Why do we fall sir? Bruce: So that we can bathe in money to feel better? Alfred: Exactly.”

Money baths.  I tried that, but the pennies made me smell like copper.

July 2nd:  “Title: Starecat And A Lump Of Hair

There’s a staaaaarcaaaaaat waiting in the sky!

July 3rd:  “Drinkin’ wine, passin’ time How’s it hangin'”

Low and lazy.

July 3rd: “what if other people were actually real and not just automatons really makes u think”

404 Reply not found.

July 3rd:  “”I’m all about that base bout that base, no rebels” a sith lord probably”

All the Sith seem so wracked with guilt and such.  Probably it was, “Jesus, dad!  I’ll kill the rebels later!”

July 3rd:  “So if Voyager is on the other side of the galaxy, how is Worf gonna be able to join the crew? Asking the important questions”

Transporter accident.  The answer is always transporter accident or holodeck.

July 3rd:  “The live-action spider-man we all deserve

Yes.  Yes we do.

July 4th:  “I don’t have any plans for celebrating, so go out there and drink a tall cold one for me. That’s right, a big ol’ glass of milk.”

I did.  It was gross.  More ol’ than big.

July 4th:  “So unfair. New strip up on Webtoon!


12 hours ago: “If I had a monobrow, I’d shave off the sides where you normally have eyebrows, leaving just the middle bit”

Then you’d be a reverse Hitler or an upside down Hitler.  Some kind of fashion Hitler.

5 hours ago:  “this land is yourcraft this land is minecraft”

From California square to the New York squares!

5 hours ago:  “someone put the internet on pause so I can get some work done”

Tried.  Have to wait until everyone’s done fapping and that’s never happened.

Okay, let’s rate J Kay’s tweets.  Crazyiness, but in a fun way.  Neat cartoons.  I give J Kay a 9 for Style, a 9 for Mustness and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s a solid 9, follow J Kay and visit Up and Out.

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