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From Rebellion

The Zombie Army Trilogy video game delivers exactly what you’d expect from a zombie game set in World War 2.  Nazi zombies and lots of ’em!  The game is bloody, gruesome fun.  It’s even scary sometimes with the odd zombie jumping out, dropping down or just sneaking up behind you without noticing.

You can play one of four characters and there is co-opt mode for all of them.  I’m a big fan of zombie games without a lot of “super zombies”.  Most of the action here is on the regular zombies, but it does have it’s share of ones with interesting add-ons.  I prefer the more organic ones, like the zombie still clutching the machine gun and shooting wildly or the SS officer zombie that is so hard to hit, you need to shoot off his helmet and then shoot him in the head.

I would’ve liked to have seen more clever use of “regular” zombies, like a zombie that maybe comes at you with a pulled hand grenade or one that’s simply on fire and too smoky to hit.  Still, Rebellion creates a creepy feeling and plenty of interesting mazes for your to shoot, shoot and shoot your way to WW 2 victory.  It’s a bit of a grinder game, but that’s what I liked about it.  It was refreshingly the same with variations on a theme.  I prefer to explore one kind of game than have a game try to be everything.

I give Zombie Army Trilogy, 8 out of 10 keggers.