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Restaurant: Meadows Diner

Address:   101 S Black Horse Pike, Blackwood, NJ 08012

Price:  Affordable

Portions:  Good

Taste:  Good

Service:  Friendly and Well Meaning

Atmosphere:  Very Friendly

Meadows Diner is one of my regular diner stops.  It’s fairly close to the homestead and offers consistent, quality diner options.

The highlight is the salad bar which, if you like salad bars, is always clean and fresh.  It’s small and doesn’t offer everything, but solidly covers the basics and the croutons are really good.

The other highlight is the extremely friendly staff.  They really do treat you like a favorite member of the family, so if there’s a problem they are quick to fix it.  Several trips back the Missus and I order gyros and the cooks gave us sour cream instead of Tzatziki sauce.  Well, when the manager found out he bent over backwards to make sure we got freebies and apologies.

This time I decided to go rogue and get stir fry.  It had veggies, chicken and beef tips.  It was full of carrots, water chestnuts and lots of stir fry sauce.  It was a little drowned in the sauce, but I like that.  I gotta say, I didn’t expect much from an oriental stir fry dish in a diner, but the meat was very tender.  Since it was an entrée, I also got the salad bar, bread and a choice of two sides.  I went for double French Fries.  The fries are pretty classic.  Definitely a plus.  So hard to find good fries these days.  I think they’re from a bag, but they are plain, not the cheaper kind with the batter.  The bread is good too.  They may bake it there, they do a fair amount of desserts and pastries.

The Missus got the gyro platter, which is awesome and comes with fries, pickle and coleslaw.  The topper is the iced tea.  There’s plenty of lemons and it’s brewed.

The waitress forgot the Missus decaf and extra napkins, but quite frankly, we were so hungry we didn’t miss it.  Total charge was $33.45 and we came home with leftovers.  It’s a solid deal all around.

I give Meadows Diner 8 out of 10 keggers.