Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Sir Patrick Stewart: Enterprise Captain, cartoon CIA boss and Gandolf’s good friend.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


February 4th:  “ putting on my 1st pair of ski boots, at Alpine Meadows with and her ski-crazy family ”

Watch yourself on those slopes, Sir Patrick.  That’s how they killed Sonny Bono.

February 6th:  “Please support this vital#TheArcherscampaign. Help & help women like Helen http://just

Looks like the link expired.  Don’t worry, Archer comes back on TV in April.

February 6th:  “Who can have watched tonight’s Republican debate and not have despaired that these guys are the cream, the elite of the Republican Party.”

Every utterance of Trump is more hilarious than a thousand Family Guys.

February 6th:  “Am I wrong to say this debate was a cheap rip off of Americas Got Talent – including hysterical CNN panel. Winners/losers -political debate?”

Oh, yeah.  Those guys always gotta make it a horse race.

February 9th:  “Friend Fidelis Morgan about to publish her new novel The Murder Quadrill. Read her Countess books? You’ll love this.

Books?  Do people still make those?

February 13th:  “Sorry but it will be 30 today in Palm Springs. Come on Town, shut up shop this time, please.”

30?  Crazy weather.

February 15th:  “Had fingers crossed, and am thrilled to learn of ‘s TWO Grammy wins. So deserved.”


February 15th:  “”Do you feel lucky, punk?”

Sir Stewart loves the Grammies.

February 18th:  “Check out my lady ‘s upcoming US release ”

Plug for the wife?  Can’t fault the man for that.

February 21st:  “You never know how an evening will be but…tonight I wished happy birthday to a fine actor and great man – Sydney Poitier.”

Hobnobbing with the big guys.

March 4th:  “The Republican Debate on TV – fascinating. But where was the ‘Debate’? I have seen bar room brawls that more fitted the term. How sad.”

If they start actually throwing punches, it wouldn’t be all that surprising.

March 5th:  “Follow up. Today’s match, both teams total: shots on target 8, shots off target 24.”

Patrick Stewart skeet shoots?  Poorly.  Keep practicing.

March 6th:  “A glamorous Saturday night in Hollywood…Monopoly with dear friends.

Celebrity Monopoly?  There’s a TV show in there somewhere.

March 7th:  “Filming Blunt Talk and Jacki and I felt like kids beside two very impressive actors:Mathew Willig and Jamal Duff.

Gotta love the behind-the-scenes pics.  Man, those guys are huge.

March 7th:  “My brilliant friends are at the lovely tonight and tomorrow night. Highly recommend.”

Improv?  Oo, I’d like to see Sir Patrick do some of that.

Okay, let’s rate Picard’s tweets.  Well, I’m totally biased for the man, but his Twitter is very interesting.  He’s doing a lot, seems genuine, behind-the-scenes—  He’s got it all.  I give his Twitter an 8 for Insanity, a 9 for Mustness and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Follow Sir Patrick.

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