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1.  A TV news anchor that wasn’t particularly good looking.

2.  A newscast that doesn’t cover “entertainment news”.

3.  A Q&A with the president where he has to answer incredibly uncomfortable questions, ending with him walking out of the interview.

4.  A local news anchor that doesn’t attempt to make an awkward joke at the end of the afternoon newscast.

5.  News that begins with, “At the top of the hour, no one has been shot in the United States for the past 24 hours.”

6.  A report from Gaza about puppies, children who received and none of them are dead.

7.  TV Key underneath a shitty congressman that says, “Another Shitty Member of Congress”.

8.  News reporters who stop covering a disaster to help the people on camera.

9.  News graphics that say, “Top of the Hour Bullshit”.

10.  Coverage of “The Most Boring Day in the Middle East”.