Your Pledgemaster may over sleep, but when he awakes at the crack of 2pm, he’s ready to judge everything.

Climate Change:  Fratty

Mild winters and trees growing in the arctic seems like a small price to pay for the occasional hurricane.

Facebook: Not Fratty

It’s over people.  Move along.  I’ll see you at Twitter and Instagram.

Ohio Street Camera Ban:  Fratty

Ohio is banning cameras on the street?  Makes sense, it’s not like people don’t have phone cameras if something interesting happens.  Now, finally, I can jack it in San Diego or at least Columbus.

Jeb Bush:  Never Fratty

You gotta be kidding me?  I thought he wasn’t as stupid as his brother.

Buying Groceries at Target:  Very Fratty

Ben & Jerry’s for less than $2 a pint and frozen pizzas for six bucks?  Shit yeah.

New Sim City:  Not Fratty

It’s called beta testing people.  When I’m wasting time playing games, don’t waste my time with a lot of glitches!

New Sim City Commercial:  Fratty

Don’t blame Adam.  His commercial rocks.

Picking a Pope:  Not Fratty

I’m sick of hearing about it.  Just flip a God damned coin or something.

Bieber Hating:  Not Really Fratty

If you don’t like his music, fine.  I don’t.  But Christ, get over yourself.  No one cares what you hate.  Move on or you’re just a troll.

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches:  Extremely Fratty

Make two sheets of giant cookie, crank out some homemade ice cream, slap that shit together and you got a party for all but the lactose intolerant.