Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is the most awesomely beautiful, Anna Kendrick.  And yes, there are instragram pics of her.  So let’s take a look at Anna’s tweets.


March 3rd:  “They dare me to get in but then think it’s WEIRD when I don’t want to get out #hypocrisy http://instagr.am/p/WYM9ErqdXp/  pic.twitter.com/ewI8mXsNtn

Hands down, the best start of TIF ever.  Way better than looking under your sink and finding Drano.

March 3rd:  “My friend genuinely just called me a “dumb broad” in a moment of frustration and I CANNOT stop laughing #SoHappy #HesFromThe40s

Still looking at the previous twit pic.

March 3rd:  “#FictionalDeathsIWillNeverGetOver Sirius Black, Boromir, Mufasa, Will Smith’s dog”

I wouldn’t worry about the dog.  At least he didn’t have to live the rest of that terrible movie.

March 4th:  “If faux leather has been destigmatized by being rebranded as “vegan leather” would it work for implants? Vegan boobs? Discuss…”

That won’t work.  Then the term “meat balloons” would mean nothing!

March 4th:  “#AutomaticTurnOns A trip to The Container Store… so organized… *shudder*”

You and my Missus have similar tastes.  Is that all ladies or just the ones with OCD?

March 5th:  “How will I ever subject my future children to sufficient character-building humiliation if Glamour Shots no longer exists?”

Just bring backs Toddlers & Tiaras.

March 5th:  “Possibly the sweetest thing I have witnessed in real life http://instagr.am/p/WfiW0jKdd5/

Awww.  Doggies.

March 6th:  “Is it weird that I am MOST attracted to Stephen Colbert when he’s rattling off Lord of the Rings trivia? For real though, is it hot in here?”

Anna, any time you want in on my Dungeons and Dragons game, give me a call.

March 7th:  “Misheard “Astrophysicist” as “Actor/Physicist” and for a second I believed I might get to work with Neil Degrasse Tyson someday”

Maybe you could do a buddy movie together.  Something like a road trip movie involving a meteor attack.  Deep Impact meets the Hangover.

March 11th:  “Credit card and phone stolen within 3 days. I’m taking a mulligan on this week guys. #DownForTheCount #MixedMetaphors #IDontKnowSportsThings

Ouch.  Maybe you should call the thief and see what they’re buying.

March 20th:  “If I were a contestant on The Bachelor I’d just end up falling in love with the weird sound guy and making things uncomfortable for everyone”

I think if you were on the Bachelor, it might turn into a bloodbath.  No one is going to take any prisoners with you as the prize.

19 hours:  “To all the people joking abt becoming sound guys u should also know they put mics in actresses’ cleavage/packs on inner thighs #ThinkAboutIt

Yeah, but they also have to put mics on the cleavage and thighs of old, fat, drunken actors.

9 hours:  “Hey! HEY!!! HEY YOU GUYS!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! GUYS! FOR REAL! YOU GUYS!!!!! (be in a music video with me) http://www.pitchperfectmovie.com/cups/

I think you should let the guys in Workaholics be in it.  Adam was already in the movie.

Okay, let’s rate Anna’s tweets.  I give her an 8 for Mustness, an 8 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 8.6, but I’m going to round up to a 9 for that first pic.  That pic is worth the follow alone, bros.  And Anna, more pics please.

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