Name: Steve Gladson, Count Steve, Brother Goth

Rank: Brother, Lambda Sigma Rho

Superpowers: The Ability to Shoot Sunshine and Happiness from Fingertips, Ennui

No one is sure why Steve joined any frat, let alone Lambda Sigma Rho.  Normally an ardent non-conformist, the Emo mopes around the frat house bemoaning everything.  Even his superpower, which he has refused to use since the first day he woke up after the meteor hit, is a source of “pain” for him.  Count Steve wallows in misery whenever he can, writing bad poetry and listening to the Smiths.

Count Steve reluctantly starting dating Gothicka, who he met on Spring Break during the frat’s trip to South Padre.  Even while getting oral sex, he was filled with ennui.  Although Steve usually spends most of his time writing bad poetry in his room, he did emerge to assist Bitter in building Franken’Gine.  Unfortunately, it was his fault she got the wrong brain.  Bitter and Count Steve are “friends” of sorts, although neither would ever admit it.

GPA: 2.3

Major: Business

First Appearance: Goth Sucks

Count Steve’s Fratster Profile