Restaurant: Mr. Sushi All You Can Eat

Address: 2117 RT-70 W, Cherry Hill, NJ, 08002

Food:  All You Can Eat Sushi

Price:  Good

Portions:  Unlimited

Taste:  Meh

Service:  Good

Atmosphere:  Average Sushi Restaurant

I’m a big fan of All-You-Can-Eat Sushi, but it’s hard to find a place on a Saturday night.  Most of the places I hit are good sushi places that do it the day before they toss the fish, so the quality there is higher.  Plus, they make normal sushi all week and don’t change anything for the special.  The problem with the places that always have the special is that they tend to rig the food based on that.  So naturally you get extra rice on your nigiri and just extra rice and starches in general.  It is to be expected and the place was crowded when we arrived, so we took that as a good sign.

Mr. Sushi, however, seemed to do that too much for my taste.  The Sushi cheesecake, was mostly rice, even if it did have white tuna and eel.  Some of the fish wasn’t that fresh.  They did have a good salad and most of the cooked sides were good.  I thought the dumplings were a little stale.   Our waitress was on point and kept refilling our drinks and didn’t rush us out, even when we sat and talked for 20 minutes after the food was done.

Basically, the sides were good, but the sushi was so-so in my view.

I give Mr. Sushi 7 out of 10 keggers.