Big Mouth is basically the Nick Kroll Show Animated and gives Kroll the opportunity to do a lot of his voices from the sketch show in cartoon form. Joining him is long time collaborator, John Mulaney, who is way better than this than he was on his sitcom. Joining him on the show are voice from the Kroll Show (Jenny Slate, Jason Mantzoukas) as well as some of the cast from The League (Mark Duplass, Paul Scheer).

As an animated series, it tends to be more plot heavy than the sketch show, but it’s extremely relateable as all the major characters are going through puberty. The show is a weird mix of teen angst and bizarre characters, including the ghost of Duke Ellington voiced by Jordan Peele. The episodes are only about 25 minutes and move well. I would definitely watch a second season of this. Big Mouth is running on Netflix. Don’t miss it, bros!