Turns out, the world may be hit by a rogue planet this weekend.  So plan accordingly.  I’ll be at a comic book signing on Saturday at Noon.  Here’s what I’d like to see happen at the end of it all.

  1.  George R.R. Martin finally comes out and says it, Game of Thrones hasn’t been good since they pruned out all the violence and nudity.
  2.  The NFL, MBA and all major league sports finally admit that every game has been fixed since the beginning.
  3.  Las Vegas announces its been cheating the entire time and that’s why you never win.
  4.  The guys that make “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” admit their product is full of butter.
  5.  Scientists admit that they knew everything causes cancer back in 1949, but were afraid to tell anyone.
  6.  The richest people in the world finally admit that they did everything they could to control the world and stay rich at everyone else’s expense.
  7.  Television standards are completely removed and every season finale now ends with a group orgy of all the main characters and then they all die.
  8.  Everyone that comments on YouTube admits that they are all fat virgins that live in their parents’ basements and that they’re miserable human beings.
  9.  Donald Trump admits that he ran for president as a joke and it just went too far.
  10.  For a brief, shining moment until we are plunged back into the Stone Age, people are exceedingly honest and tell everyone else exactly where they stand and what they think of them.  (Except me, I escape the disaster in a hydrofoil.)