1.  An app that negates the sound of babies crying.
  2.  An app that allows you to filter political tweets.
  3.  An app that starts a timer which countdowns how long you have until the commercials are over.
  4.  An app that counts things like the Rainman.
  5.  An app that keeps track of how long you’ve played games on your phone and hectors you to do something more useful with you life.
  6.  An app that allows you to talk through your phone with any foreign accent.
  7.  An app judges when the porn you’re watching is getting too depraved.
  8.  An app that rates your farts by smell, sound and length of time.
  9.  An app that says inspiring things to you at random intervals.
  10.  An app logs all your mistakes and points out when you’re going to repeat one.