1.  All crime is legal inside any Krispy Kreme.
  2.  All-doughnut theme parade with float-sized doughnuts.
  3.  Like Fat Tuesday, only if you see tits you gotta give the girls doughnuts.
  4.  Doughnut horseshoe game, but played with Boston creams.
  5.  If you get pulled over for speeding, you automatically go free if you give the cop a glazed doughnut.
  6.  Any fast food joint with a deep fryer must make you donut holes for free with any meal.
  7.  Santa returns and hands out jelly doughnuts to anyone that was good.
  8.  Dunkin’ Donuts will throw one doughnut at you and if you catch it in your mouth, it’s free.
  9.  All workers have the option to be paid in doughnuts just for that day.
  10.  National Referendum deciding whether to spell doughnut or donut.