Restaurant:  Super China

Address:  Echelon Mall Food Court, Voorhees, NJ

Food:  Chinese Food

Price:  Cheap

Portions:  Big

Taste:  Edible

Service:  Friendly

Atmosphere:  Cafeteria Style


So I went into the old Echelon Food Court to hit my favorite cheap sushi place, only to discover to my horror that it is long gone, along with most of the places to eat in the Food Court.  Food Courts are rapidly becoming a thing of the past and for good reason.  No one likes to eat in public while a bunch of shoppers look at you.  Still, I was hungry, so I opted for Super China.  What a mistake.

First, no unsweetened iced tea.  Second, the $7.99 two meats and two side deal wasn’t much of a deal.  The General Tso’s chicken wasn’t spicy at all and tasted more like a half-assed effort at Sesame Chicken.  The Sesame Chick was far too sweet and tasted like Honey chicken.  It was a big gross mess I was I hadn’t eaten.  Still, the portions were good.

Next time, I’ll have to go to the Philly Cheesesteak guy.  I would’ve gone to him, but I had had a cheesesteak the night before.  His iced tea was freshly brewed.

I give Super China 2 out of 10 keggers.  No thanks, bros.