Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!

Today’s contestant is Jerry O’Connell, star of TV and movies.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting!


He’s tanner than I remember.

February 15th:  “Thanks!!! & for my very own Dad Doll! Next up a Dreamhouse!!!”

Looks like Ken’s better looking cousin.

February 15th: “Wow thank you for these pics! Going on mantel now…”

You could just frame the magazine.  Do they still print those?

February 15th: “Most talent I have EVER WITNESSED. Solemnly swear NOT TO BE MISSED. Tix here:

Well, I guess an actor would know, right?

February 16th: “Wardrobe Malfuntion

At least it’s in the back.  In the front, that could leave you hangin’.

February 18th:  “Best pic ever thanks

Looks like you’re debating that dog.

February 20th:  “Get you a man who can do both”

Totally not sure why there’s a pic of a Jeopardy contestant.

10 hours ago: “Happy BDay Mr. Rickman”

Yeah, miss that guy.

Okay, let’s rate Jerry’s tweets.  Pretty much all plugs, but who am I to judge?  I give him a 7 for Mustness, a 7 for Style and a 7 for Insanity.  That’s an overall 7, follow Sliders star Jerry.  And, if you haven’t seen it, watch his amazing impersonation of Tom Cruise.  Almost as amazing as his wife.