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Restaurant:  Eat Street BBQ Grill

Address:  23203 Columbus Rd, Columbus, NJ 08022

Food:  BBQ

Price:  Above Average

Portions:  Below Average

Taste:  Good

Service:  Okay

Atmosphere:  Really Good

Eat Street is a BBQ place my brother took me to with his kids.  I like the decor a lot.  It’s gotten wooden stools, funky stuff on the walls and the paper towel rolls for napkins.  There were five of us and we sat at a counter-type table right in front of the staff.

The service was merely okay.  I mean, they were friendly, but we were right there and it kinda took a long time to get simple things like butter for my cornbread.  I ordered the brisket.  It was tasty, moist and a little spicy.  The fries had the coating, which I hate.  Not so great.  The cornbread, which was about the size of four postage stamps, was good but too small.  For some reason, it came with rice which wasn’t on the menu.  I have never heard of BBQ being served with rice.  I probably would’ve altered my order if I had known that.  Seemed just like filler.  I would’ve rather had more meat or cornbread.  My meal was $15, which seemed kinda high for the amount of food I got.  I tried the mac n’ cheese and the pulled pork.  They were okay.

My iced tea was from a bottle which, again, kinda pricey.   I guess if I lived near my brother’s house and wanted barbecue bad enough, I’d go there.  Honestly, the whole experience was kind of a “Meh”.  Also, “Eat Street” was huge on the sign and “BBQ Grill” was small.  Kinda weird, being in a plaza.  Seems to me, you’d want to advertise the one thing you have over every place in the area.  They also offered a lot of sandwiches, which led me to believe they were kind of hedging their bet on the whole barbecue thing.  Not really sure why.  I mean, barbecue isn’t that exotic, even in New Jersey.


I give the Eat Street BBQ Grill 6.5 keggers.  Not bad, but it’s not changing my life.