While not the greatest documentary you’ll ever see, Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks does provide some interesting and new information on the hack and its consequences. I just barely recommend this movie because of that. It’s actual construction is a bit clunky and cheap.

The documentary crew does interview users of the site, although not in much depth. It’s hard to empathize with them because they were, afterall, cheating on a spouse or with someone that was cheating. These interviews are full of rationalizations. The most interesting part is the CEO of Ashley Madison and the company that built the site.

The company wasn’t just doing this site, it was doing a bunch of other sites. Some of them were porn related and a few others were for escorts. One site was for Sugar Daddies and it was pretty close to an escort site. It was almost like they were mainstreaming prostitution like Girls Gone Wild mainstreamed porn.

The documentary doesn’t really expose who did the hack. There’s not much evidence who it was and he or she was never caught. The company’s cyber security was incredibly weak. The final and best interview is with a guy who had his life ruined by the site.

Not the best documentary, but it’s short and there is enough interesting tidbits to sit through. A weak thumbs up. It is currently running on Netflix. Full disclosure: one of my editors, Gina Smith, appears in the movie. I worked for her at ANewDomain.net.