So I’ve been noticing a lot of new shows on TBS recently.  (American Dad has new episodes on there, btw.)  There’s this new show called Search Party, starring Alia Shawkat (AKA:  Maybe from Arrested Development).

Pitched as a hipster noir TV show, the story centers around Dory (Shawkat) who becomes obsessed with a missing ex-classmate.  Her whiny boyfriend and self-absorbed friends screams Millennials, but in a cartoonish way that doesn’t provide much insight.  I watched the first four episodes and it started to hit its stride by the fourth, but it’s not really all that funny.  Part of the problem is, these are supposed to be fresh-out-of-college kids, but they’re already too successful.  One’s an actor on a TV show, another is an intern that can somehow afford an apartment in Manhattan—-  I think the characters needed to be more broke.

However, it is mildly compelling.  The mystery surrounding her friend and the ineptness of Dory and her crew finally come together with the addition of Ron Livingston.  Without giving it away, his character seems to be some kind of mentor to Dory, but whether or not he’s staying on remains to be seen.

I like that TBS put the entire run of the show on On-Demand.  I’m going to give it two more episodes.

I give Search Party 6 out of 10 keggers.