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Restaurant: Prospectors

Address:  Mt. Laurel, NJ

Food:  Steakhouse

Price:  Average

Portions:  Large

Taste:  Good

Service:  Good

Atmosphere:  Bar/Steakhouse

I’ve been to Prospectors a few times over the years.  I like it as a bar and for bar food.  The other day I met some relatives there for dinner.  It was packed.  It’s a huge place with a huge salad bar.

I got the wings, which were well cooked.  I got the Korean flavored, but no blue cheese.  Guess, I should’ve asked for it.  The iced tea was good and the waiter, after initially leaving us alone for a few minutes, was hitting the table regularly for refills.  The bread was decent.

I got a burger which was cooked exactly as I wanted it.  The fries weren’t great.  I can’t believe more places just don’t cut potatoes and make them fresh cut.  I mean, it’s cheaper.  What dragged the whole meal down was the side salad.  First off, the waiter brought it last, which was weird.  It was so covered with cheese, bacon and onion rings it was barely healthy.  But it was also a little wilted and warm.  So, again, probably not a great dinner.  Stick with the bar food.

I give Prospectors 7 out of 10 keggers.