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Out driving around yesterday and me and Missus spotted a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations…in October.  Here are the other Ten Things That Shouldn’t Happen Before Halloween.

  1.  Thanksgiving Decorations:  Halloween has to be over!
  2.  No team is “going to the Super Bowl” yet:  Give it a month or two.
  3.  Snow:  Thank God for climate change (or whoever).  No one wants to Trick or Treat in the snow.
  4.  Leaf Raking:  I’d rather not have the street flood for weeks because you decided to put a giant pile of leaves in the street weeks before the street cleaners come.
  5. Oscar Night:  Shut up about that crap.  The movies aren’t even over for the year!
  6.  Veterans Day:  Not in October.  Not before candy.
  7.  Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays argument:  We could do without this bullshit altogether.
  8.  Dentist visit:  Shouldn’t happen until after the candy is gone.
  9.  New Year’s Eve Plans:  After Halloween gives you two months.  No party needs more than that for planning.
  10. Voting:  If anything, the debates should happen every other day leading up to the vote in November.  Then we wouldn’t have politics ruining Halloween with weird political costumes.  Can we just make all of October Halloween?!