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Restaurant:  Schileen’s Pub

Address:  32 Delsea Drive Westville, NJ

Price:  Above Average

Portions:  Below Average

Taste:  Pretty good

Service:  Okay

Atmosphere:  Loud Bar

So it’s Friday.  Blazing hot and there’s no way I’m going to grill.  The house has taken all day to cool off via AC, so I’m anxious to go to a commercial building where the air has been cranked that I’m actually a little chilly.  I had read online that Schileen’s Pub had some awesome roast beef sandwiches and I figure, tonight’s the night.

Schileen’s is located in Westville, which is kind of like New Jersey’s tiny version of Detroit light: a rough little town off of Route 130 with tons of bars, railroad tracks, cement medians and very little parking.  Schileen’s has a nice lot in the back though and some outside seating, but again, blazing hot.

Inside is mostly a bar and some restaurant tables.  The seating is kind of okay, not great, but okay.  The music was oldies, which was fine with me, but it was kind of loud.  We were positioned under a speaker, but it was the only free booth.  The volume was just under too loud, but I still had to shout to the waitress.

I give the waitress props for being friendly, efficient and attentive, but I felt she kind of rushed my order.  Plus, what I ordered was kind of messy and I had to ask for napkins.  Otherwise, she was fine.  The Missus got fish and chips, I got a salad, the sandwich sampler and a side of fries that were not included.

I got my salad.  It was good.  I liked the house dressing which was a balsamic vinegar derivative.  The fish and chips included actual homemade chips, which were nice.  The fish was cooked right, but the pieces were a little small.  Good, but the Missus suspected it was frozen.  My fries came, but I had to wait a while for the sandwich sampler.

About 20 minutes later it came.  Three slider-sized sandwiches of pork, ham and roast beef.  Each came with it’s own dipping sauce.  All three sandwiches were excellent.  I would rate them pork, roast beef and then the ham.  Not a ham fan.

Overall, the place was just too loud.  Too much of a bar for me.  They seem to be on top of their beers though.  I would totally do take out here or grab a sandwich if I was in the area.  I think their restaurant area could use a bit of a touch up.  The table was a little sticky and I wished the music wasn’t so loud.  Guess the outside deck would’ve been okay if it wasn’t so hot.

I give Schileen’s Pub 6 out of 10 keggers.