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RestaurantDonkey’s Place Too

Address:  11 Tomlinson Mill Rd, Medford, NJ 08055

Price:  Reasonable

Portions:  Big

Taste:  Life Changing

Service:  Solid

Atmosphere:  Mildly Hipster

As a resident of South Jersey, I’ve heard about Donkey’s Place and his legendary cheesesteaks for years.  Are the prophecies true?  Dear God, yes!

So me and the Missus were bored and looking for a quick dinner.  Since Anthony Bourdain visited the original Donkey’s Place in Camden, I had made a mental note to get out to the Medford store and check it out.  Bourdain raved and raved about the steaks calling them better than the ones in Philly!  Well, I already knew that secret, having been to the Yellow Submarine and various other awesome cheesesteaks in South Jersey (like Chick’s Deli).  Still, what was the deal with Donkey’s Place?  The bun with poppyseeds?  The steak?  The cheese?  How good could it be?

Anyhow, we get there and from the Google Map pic, I knew it was small.  I wasn’t sure there’d be enough room for us to sit there and we’re twenty minutes away.  Fortunately, there were about a dozen or so seats.  The hipster element was the chrome chairs and new furniture, Trivia Pursuit cards and Siracha for the fries.  There was also bay seasoning and ketch for the fries as well, but I’m burying the lead—

The steak was phenomenal as advertised.

The must pour some kind of secret juice on it because it was just fantastic!  I was a little worried I would have to order two, but no way!  I was full with the one, even though it was a Kaiser roll with poppyseeds.  I hate Cheese Whiz, so I ordered Provolone.  Perfectly cooked with onions—  It was just fantastic.  You gotta have one these.

If I had the money, I would invest in Donkey’s Place.  That’s how good it is.  It should be franchised everywhere.  I give it a 9 out of 10 keggers, only because the website’s not really working and no unsweetened iced tea.  I will be back, however, for that amazing cheesesteak.  Truly the best.