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All this lottery talk got me to thinkin’ and buying tickets.  What would I do with the money?  Buy some pretty ridiculous shit!

  1.  Buy the high toilet from Tosh.0:  This makes total sense to me.
  2. A bulletproof car:  There are going to be jealous people out there with guns.
  3. The most expensive bagel in the world:  I have no justification, I just want this.
  4. A private concert from Beyoncé:  Most so I could boo her.
  5. Pay people I don’t like to do really stupid things on camera.
  6. You know I love sushi, so I will be eating here a lot.
  7. Plus I’ll fly to eat here.
  8. I don’t want an expensive car, I’d rather have this weird grass car:  So my gardener would have to attend to my car first and foremost.
  9. Buy five million tickets and win again.
  10. I will own a volcano.  Has to happen.