This early Christian Bale movie (made in 2002) also stars Taye Diggs and Sean Bean. It’s a dystopian future where feelings have been outlawed. The government decides that feelings eventually lead to war, so the entire population takes drugs to even them out.

Bale is a cleric in charge of find the people that are hording books, art, music, etc. because these things evoke feelings. It’s a tough plot to make work because the actors still have to act, even though they’re supposed to be emotionless. But one of the great things about this flick is the unique gun-fu martial arts taught to the clerics.

So while the plot is a bit derivative and the whole emotion thing doesn’t really hold up if you pick it apart, the action, pacing and acting make it really work. Director Kurt Wimmer really put something neat together. It’s on Netflix and you should check it out.