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Rejoice Wolverine fans.  Hugh Jackman said he’d consider playing James Bond, which isn’t surprising since it probably comes with millions and millions of dollars.  Here’s what I expect if this happens.

  1.  James Bond uses his claws to kill Baron Blofeld.
  2. The Beast builds all of James Bond’s weapons.
  3. Professor X telepathically updates Bond on his missions.
  4. Bond no long dodges bullets because of his healing factor.
  5. Bond smokes again!
  6. When Odd Job throws his hat at Bond, he just let’s it bounce off his adamantium skeleton.
  7. Marvel has Bond appear in Civil War.
  8. Bond bangs Phoenix, Rogue and every other female in the Marvel Universe.
  9. Bond calls everyone “Bub”.
  10. James Bond actually sings the opening credit song.