See this stunned expression on my face?  That’s kind of the same expression I had watching the season finale of Game of Thrones tonight.  Needless to say, MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!

All sorts of rumors are swirling and my phone has been ringing off the hook.  Let’s address the issue here:  Who the fuck are we going to follow now that Jon Snow is dead?

Sansa and Theon:  They showed the archer girl hitting the ground hard and dying, why not show Sansa and Theon?  Because they didn’t die.  The Missuses guesses they landed in snow, but the snow had been melting.  I didn’t see a moat and it looked too high to be a convenient cart full of hay.  I guess I’m sticking with snow.  But then again, Game of Thrones often goes for the worst possible outcomes.  So I’m going to suggest that maybe Sansa and Theon did try and commit suicide.  Theon dies, but Sansa’s shattered body somehow stays alive.  Ramsay keeps her alive just to give birth to his son and her imprisonment with badly healing broken bones looks like a cakewalk compared to what happen to Theon in that previous season.  I put the odds at 2 to 1 they survived and 10 to 1 Ramsay’s sick fantasy comes true.

Stannis:  Is Stannis dead?  Or did Brienne merely hit the tree and we’re going to see the rest of the scene where she says something like “I won’t kill you now.”  There’s tons of other characters to choose from, including Gendry, the bastard son of Robert.  Stannis’s story feels over to me.  Everyone’s dead.  But then again, if the fire priestess’s predictions were to become true in an ironic way, perhaps he lives long enough to kill Ramsay and/or take advantage of some other development.  Could Brienne decide that she must fight with Stannis for some reason?  I put Stannis being dead at 1 to 1 odds and Brienne changing sides at 25 to 1.  Ramsay befalling an ironic fate, I put at 4 to 1.

Jon Snow:  According to Entertainment Weekly, Kit Harrington is getting ready to move on and the writers told him he was dead.  But, he hasn’t cut his hair.  As my friend pointed out, this was a key thing for the Jon Snow role.  This, on top of the fact that the fire priestess returned to Castle Black.  Why?  Rumor has it, to resurrect Jon Snow just like the guy from Season 3 with the eye patch.  Maybe it’s something like this, “he won’t be returning…this season”.  My other friend suggested that maybe the fire priestess spirits away Jon Snow’s body in the beginning and he doesn’t return until, say, Season 7.  I like the idea of the character being dead.  It’s bold.  Forces the producers to infuse new life into the show with Bran and his brother returning.  But at the same time, I really wanted to see Jon Snow slay a dragon.  Supposedly there is a legendary hero that the fire priestess is looking for.  She thought it was Stannis.  Maybe it’s Jon Snow coming back to life?  The white walkers are the ice, Jon Snow returns with fire powers and he’s the fire.  So, Jon Snow is dead: 3 to 2 odds, Jon Snow returns via the priestess powers 50 to 1 odds and Jon Snow becoming a badass zombie and killing the Night’s Watch, 200 to 1.

As for the rest: Cersei is going to kill everyone in Kings Landing outside the keep.  I think after that, they’ll be a war against Dorn and eventually we’ll see giant dragons roll in and take it for the Mother of Dragons.  I like the idea of Tyrion running the ancient city so well, that he’s left behind as the governor, but I have a feeling he’ll be in it until the end.  Arya is either going to become a super-ninja blind assassin or her blindness is only temporary.  I don’t know, with this show.  But that face ripping scene was the shit.  It’s pretty amazing when one of the lead actresses walking naked through the streets was one of the least shocking scenes in the whole finale!

I have to admit, I was wavering on the show this season.  By episode 6 and 7, I felt the show had become to much like a regular TV show.  These last three episodes really brought me back!  I did not see most of these events coming. (And neither did Arya!  Ha!)  How long to next season?  Is it time yet?  Is it time?!