Dick Chair

Your pledgemaster may not have a degree or a major or anything resembling a sensible GPA.  But he is the pledgemaster and from his chair of beer cans he passes judgement upon you!

Rudy Giuliani:  Not Fratty

I think “America’s Mayor” was always kind of a dickhead.  His recent rant is just icing on the cake.  Never fratty.  Ever.

The Weather:  Fratty, but Fucked

What the Hell weather?  70 degrees in November.  Don’t tease me like this!  It’s like being at the strip club without money!

Uber:  Fairly Fratty

Hey, you ever take a cab?  I’d take my chances any day of the week to save five bucks.  What the Hell cabbies?  Like I’d know if you’re the cabbie or the serial killer that just murdered you.

Shit Bus:  Fratty

There’s a bus in the U.K. powered by poop.  Oh, glorious science, thank you!

Robot Cops:  Not So Fratty

It’s already had enough for me to talk my way out of a parking ticket.  I’m not a chick.  I don’t have cleavage to flash.  Well, I do, but who wants to see that?  I’m against these robots.  That’s just what the dean would love to have on campus watching me!

The Hunger Games:  Not Fratty

I’m so sick of this movie and I bailed after the first one.  I don’t think even Jennifer Lawrence boobs could save it.

Bill Cosby:  Not Fratty

WTF, Jello Pudding?  How many more women are going to come out?  What makes it worse, I always thought he was always so high and mighty.

Scientists:  Fratty

Oh, what?  We can’t wear shirts now?  You gotta be fucking kidding me.  One hipster scientist wears a shirt you don’t like and you go bananas ladies?  Jesus Christ, get a grip.

Delta Tau Delta:  Fratty

Honoring a deceased bro with charity fundraiser is classy, bros.  Very classy.  After so much negative press about frats this week, it’s good to hear something nice.