Matthew McConaughey stars as a Texas straight man who becomes HIV positive in 1985.  Ostracized by his friends and coworkers, his medical options at the hospitals of the time are dim.  But using his street smarts, he creates the Dallas Buyers’ Club, a club for HIV positive people that gets drugs that are not approved by the FDA.  Battling the bureaucracy of the time, he sets out to cure himself, but a long the way makes a lot of friends.

Jennifer Garner plays the concerned doctor and Jared Leto is a transgender woman who is partners in the club.  Performances by McConaughey and Leto are off the charts, although McConaughy’s character is definitely within his wheelhouse.  This was based on the true story of Ron Woodroof, who died of AIDS in 1992.  Although this is a drama about a pretty intense subject, the movie is more inspiring and hopeful than sad.  You can definitely see why the two actors won Oscars for this one.

It’s currently playing on HBO and HBO Demand.  Definitely see it.