Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Todd Bridges, who was once in the greatest sitcom ever, Different Strokes.  Let’s see what Willis is talkin’ ’bout.


August 11th:  “I would like to apologize for the terrible timing of me comments that I made in reference to the untimely death of Robin Williams.”

Well, as long as it was funny.  Robin was a comedian afterall and no stranger to controversy.

August 11th:  “my bestf riend committed suicide a few months ago, and I was devastated to discover that he did not solicit my help. I am sure that my”

Whoa.  Heavy.  But not your fault.  He probably didn’t come to you because you would’ve talked sense into him.

August 11th:  “I am sure that my attitude toward Williams’s death was a delayed reaction of my best friend’s death. Again, I apologize”

Never explain, never apologize.

August 11th:  “Again, I apologize for my negative comment, and I ask forgiveness for any pain that I have caused”

What did I just say?  No one.  Ever.

August 11th:  “anyone.”

Yes, anyone.

August 14th:  “

The Internet is not a safe warm place.  It is the public toilet of discussion.

August 22nd:  “Check out Debbie Schlussel (): I totally see what you mean about the people haters are going to hate”

Um, wait, is she the hater you’re talking about?  Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis?

August 22nd:  “And there’s no way you can stop them. People who love you always love you”

Until you fart on them.  That changes everything.

September 4th:  “RIP Joan Rivers rivers I’ve known you and I will always love you. You never judge me when I was going through my hard times..”

Aw, that’s a nice tribute.  Short and sweet.

September 11th:  “I was two week ago with Richard Keil he played jaws in the 007 movies I have known him for years he was such a great kind man RIP my pal”

Jeez, Todd is having a tough month.

September 14th:  “deliverance creek look.for in on ifetime my.buddy in it. I watch it was very good”

So tough, his thumbs aren’t responding to his commands very well, I think.

Okay, let’s rate Todd’s tweets.  I find them very genuine.  And if I was his publicist, I would say that they were too genuine.  Phoney it up, bro.  Tell us your banging movie stars.  Something.  I give him an 8 for Mustness, a 9 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  What can I say?  I dig honesty.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Follow Todd.

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