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The power went out at Great Adventure near me.  Coincidentally, the power went out at HQ, but I wasn’t here.  Anyhow, here’s Ten Things I Expect Happened When the Power Went Out at Six Flags.

1.  All six flags began to droop.

2.  Someone about to throw up on the Looping Dragon was able to hold it in.

3.  The Congo Rapids Ride basically became a “Sit in a container and float” ride.

4.  The over priced hotdogs ceased their twirling on the cooker.

5.  No longer held back by man’s electric superiority, the monkeys in the safari area carjacked everyone and drove to Whole Foods to get bananas.

6.  Some of the Pirates of the Caribbean saw their chance and attacked.

7.  All the Looney Tunes mascot characters suddenly stopped moving and collapsed onto the ground.

8.  The line for the Rockwall got super long.

9.  The Dare Devil Dive actually became a daredevil dive for a few seconds.

10.  That damned music from the commercials finally stopped playing.