Tony Thumb

Trailer Park Boys is back with Season 8 on Netflix.

Just watched the entire thing with a head cold.  Not a bad way to recover.  The review, in a couple of words:  Fuckin’ decent!

This season, Ricky has to deal with his wife and daughter living with another man, while Sunnyvale is threatened.  After Barb has a bad break up with her ex, he threatens to sell the park to a developer.  The only problem is, Lahey still owns 1% of the park, giving him controlling interest.  Julian comes up with a plan to buy the ex out, but he’ll need Lahey on his side to do it.  Needless to say, Ricky fucks up everything.

Bubbles has some classic moments.  He tries to start a “Shed and Breakfast” for people with cats and you cannot miss the addition of puppets later in the season.

This season was plot heavy, but in a good way.  The scripts were (as J-Roc would say) mad tight, y’all!  The series definitely has a Canadian flair and included guest stars, but it’s comedy isn’t just Canadian-centric.

If you’ve never seen Trailer Park Boys, well it’s about the Canadian equivalent of white trash living in a trailer park.  Imagine a group of criminals where the stakes are as low as they can possibly go.  (One of the robberies involves stealing several bottles of crab shampoo.)  Many of the characters are dumb, but they are interestingly dumb.  And they play to the height of their intelligence, even though it’s very low.

So if you haven’t seen TPB see it, bros.  You’ll be glad you did.

Binge Watchability:  Excellent.  Each episode goes down easy and there is a continuous thread that carries it through.  Definitely one of the tightest seasons of TPB.

I give Trailer Park Boys, Season 8 10 out of 10 keggers.