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They say 007 may have had a problem.  I say, the only problem is when he could get a martini.  Here now are Ten Things I Expect a Drunken James Bond to Do.

1.  Tell Moneypenny to STFU because of his splitting headache.

2.  Throw up on a bomb to stop it from exploding.

3.  Giggle uncontrollably at the name “Odd Job”.

4.  Pass out on that naked chick covered in gold.

5.  Nearly shoot off face trying to write a check with a pen gun.

6.  Drive bullet proof car through house.

7.  Tell Baron Blofeld to go fuck himself.

8.  Call Octopussy “Pussy Galore” by mistake.

9.  Wake up next to Judy Dench and swear he will never drink again.

10.  Shoot some dickhead bartender because he won’t serve you.