Hey Bros!

Sorry for the late post.  I was too busy dreaming about the possibilities of cloning hamburgers.  Mmm, doesn’t that sound delish?  Here now are ten sandwiches I expect they’ll start serving when it starts being used.

1.  McDonald’s McClone DLT (The hot side stays hot, the cool side stays cool and the hot side stays hot.)

2.  Burger King’s Screams-When-You-Bite-Into-It

3.  Wendy’s Twin Sister Junior

4.  White Castle’s Mini-Mes

5.  Five Guys’ 10 Patty Special

6.  In and Out Burger That Walks to Your Car

7.   Carl’s Jr. Mutant Abomination Deluxe

8.  Denny’s What-the-Hell-is-That

9.  Steak n’ Shake’s Burger Mutant

10. Red Robin Crimes Against God with Cheese